Preparation of BRDN Advocacy and Lobbying Strategy


The members of the BRDN’s Working Groups have started to work on development of BRDN’s Advocacy and Lobbying Strategy and Action Plan. Advocacy and Lobbying is one of the priority areas of work of BRDN, but there‚Äôs a need of a clear vision of the advocacy issues on which BRDN will represent its constituents and design future activities. At the 2 hours Zoom meeting, held on June 18th, 2020, the members of the Working Groups discussed about their experiences and different issues they’ve advocated on, at national level and managed to draft priorities and actions related to advocacy and lobbying for BRDN. Having in mind that the national rural development networks, members of BRDN, are all experienced in this area of work, BRDN just gives them opportunity to raise these issues on regional and EU level, and to be more influential in the process of representing the needs of rural communities in the Western Balkans.

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